Offset the cost of card processing fees with TrueMargin Pricing

Offsetting the cost of processing fees doesn't have to be so difficult. Parse Pay's proprietary TrueMargin Pricing allows you to keep the same margins on all items regardless of payment method.

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Offset the rising cost of card payment acceptance with a transparent and compliant true cash discounting POS system.

Simplified pricing designed to offset the cost of accepting card payments.

Parse Pay's proprietary TrueMargin Pricing technology automatically calculates the amount you need to charge to recover payment processing fees on card transactions while incentivizing cash-paying customers with a discount.
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Set your cash price and we'll take care of the rest!

Keep your margins true and leave the cost of processing to us. Price your items based on margins for cash-paying customers; we'll calculate the menu price to offset all fees when customers pay with a card, saving most small-to-medium-sized restaurants, on average, thousands each month.
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Know exactly how much you make daily for all items sold.

Say goodbye to hefty processing fees and monthly statements at the end of the month. Our innovative program backs out the cost of processing and deposits your earnings daily, so you earn precisely the amount of each item's price you set in the BackOffice.
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