Fast, Flexible, and Intuitive POS Software for QSRs

Streamline order entry and delight guests with POS software tailored to the unique needs of quick-service restaurants.

Large photo of PayPoint Plus register

The Parse Pay Register includes everything QSRs need to run their restaurant

Simplify orders with intuitive, easy-to-use software.

We built a quick-service restaurant POS software for speed and ease of use. Get orders to the kitchen quickly and accurately with intuitive order entry, advanced conversational modifiers, customizable receipts, integrated payments, and much more.
Picture of POS app with item in cart

Improve order accuracy with conversational ordering.

Empower staff to get every order right–entered in the POS the way people talk–and sent to the kitchen accurately. With advanced conversational ordering, you can build your menu items and modifiers for quicker entry with fewer errors.
Picture of POS app with conversational ordering

Create preset and automatic discounts on the fly.

Set up preset discounts to apply to items at the point of sale, or create automatic discounts–dollar or percentage–to items or categories based on specific rules, for example, on specific dates, days of the week, and time of day.
Picture of discount modal popup to create automatic discount

Frequently Asked Questions

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