Integrated Payment Processing

Everything you need to process credit cards, save money, and get paid... all in one place.

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Tired of hefty processing fees?

Our compliance-driven Cash Discount program allows you to offset the cost of nearly all of your processing fees by legally passing the cost of card acceptance to your customers, resulting in savings that you can reinvest into your business!

Fast, secure, integrated payments—right out of the box.

Easily accept credit card payments—in-store and online

Process payments in person, over the phone, or via our online ordering website. Our tools make it easy to accept multiple payment methods. You focus on placing and preparing orders—we'll take care of the rest.
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A fully-integrated POS solution

Integrated payments mean you can process payments through the point-of-sale, and all payment sales data syncs with your BackOffice for simplified reporting.
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Cost-effective programs design to offset processing fees

The cost of processing credit cards can be expensive. We get it! This is why we offer a fully-compliant Cash Discount program to offset nearly all your processing fees.
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Offset the cost of processing fees with the Cash Discount Program

With recent law changes and the advancement of our proprietary software, your business can offset the cost of credit card processing by passing it on to the customer. Join other restaurant owners who save thousands each month with our Cash Discount program.
Fully-compliant program
Our Cash Discount program is 100% compliant. Join thousands of restaurants that save money by passing the card of credit card acceptance on to the customer.
Easy to start and implement
All it takes is a brief conversation with one of our sales professionals. We'll guide you through the process of switching over to the Cash Discount program.
Start saving from day one
The cost of processing credit cards can be expensive. We get it! With our Cash Discount program, the days of hefty credit card fees and interchange charges are over.
Fast and reliable integrated payments
Rest easy knowing that you can process payments swiftly with a reliable, industry-leading payment processor.

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