Powerful Real-time Reports & Analytics

Featuring the business intelligence tools to manage and track your quick-service restaurant more efficiently.

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Mockup Image of Dashboard in BackOffice portal
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Make data-driven decisions with real-time reports.

Access insightful data in real time from anywhere.

Items sold, total sales over any period, payroll reports, and much more, everything you need to know about your restaurant is right here in the BackOffice. Parse Pay generates real-time reports to provide insight to manage your business.
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Keep your finger on the pulse from your mobile device.

No more waiting for end-of-day reports—sign in to your Parse Pay account from your mobile device to access real-time sales data in a fully-functional, mobile-friendly interface.
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Track important metrics with custom insights and advanced reports.

Track the performance metrics that matter most to you with customizable dining options, time segments, tender types, and much more.  
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Frequently Asked Questions

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