Gift Cards

High-quality, custom-printed gift cards


Product Description

Build brand awareness, advertise your business, facilitate growth, and boost revenue with custom printed Parse Pay gift cards. Fully printed and coded to work with the Parse Pay POS software.

  • Includes barcoding for the Parse Pay POS software
  • Custom and premium Parse Pay gift card options are available
  • Includes free design assistance (upload artwork and design information)

Bulk Pricing


Price excludes S&H

How to Order Gift Cards

Parse Pay has partnered with Plastic Printers to provide you with access to create custom marketing tools such as gift cards, menu, and signage for your restaurant, bar, or quick-service restaurant. 

To place an order for gift cards, click the button below and complete the contact form. A Plastic Printers representative will contact you to process your order and assist you with any custom artwork or design information you want on your cards.

Card Size 30 mil plastic
Lamination Gloss or Matte (front & back)
Color Full-color (front & back)
Options Mag stripe w/encoding, barcode or QR code

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Note that if you have an Elo I-Series display, you may consider purchasing the magnetic stripe reader mounted accessory. A magnetic stripe reader is required to activate and redeem gift cards.

MSR for I-Series Display

Mounts directly to the I-Series display, providing you with the ability to activate/redeem gift cards.

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