Introducing Parse Pay’s Redesigned POS App

Published on May 1, 2020

Written by Parse Pay

The user experience of the Parse Pay POS application is a pretty big deal around here–it’s something that we put a lot of emphasis on when developing the next-generation payment platform. From fast and accurate order entry to intuitive workflows for ease of use, we strive to create excellent experiences for cashiers, bartenders, managers, and customers.

Designing a robust and powerful POS system that’s simple and easy-to-use is no easy task. We began this journey a few years back by interviewing users and observing transactions in real-time to identify the usability pain points and design bottlenecks. What’s more, we continued to monitor users in environments where rapid and frequent sales occur, such as fast-paced bars and quick-service establishments, to map out contextual factors that impact the usability of the POS system.

After many iterations and design sprints, we decided it was time to implement the newly redesigned version of the app. Below are the exciting new enhancements in this update.

New Design Elements

  • A brand new sleek and modern design
  • New (optional) left-side category menu
  • Redesigned cart overflow menu
  • New modal popup(s) for quantity, variant, and modifier selection

New Features

  • Check splitting
  • Advanced conversational ordering
  • Customer-facing tip screen (flip-to-sign)
  • Z-reporting feature for enhanced close-of-day reporting

New User Interface (UI) Design

While the new update itself brings several design improvements and system enhancements, here’s a look at some of the major new features.

The Till’s New Category Menu

Starting with Till tab, the updated user interface boasts a fresh new consistent color palette, new left-side category navigation menu, and redesigned product cards with the option to choose from 4, 5, or 6-column views.  These elements mean quicker navigation and fewer button presses when adding items to the cart.

The most noteworthy design change in the update is the new left-side category menu. This scrollable menu enables users to quickly jump between categories to select items, without having to navigate back to the till screen to choose the next category. What’s more, we made this an optional (default) setting so that users can still opt to have the former layout with the category buttons featured above the product cards.

Updated Overflow Cart Menu

The overflow menu now has a fresh new look and includes all the ancillary actions used when conducting transactions. The fly-up menu provides quick access to add miscellaneous items (manual entry), adjust tax profiles, apply gratuity, open the cash drawer, and clear the cart contents, among other useful actions.

What’s more, the overflow menu adds flexibility to house the forthcoming features, payment options, and quick links that will be introduced in future updates to the system.

Conversational Ordering

With many other POS systems, those taking orders–especially when making modifications to an item–are subject to a specific sequence (often cumbersome) delineated by the system. Parse Pay’s new conversational module allows employees to make modifications to orders in the same manner in which a customer might speak (e.g., “extra” bacon, “no” tomato), resulting in fast and more accurate order entry. 

We refer to this as advanced conversational modifiers. This setting can be toggled on or off for each modifier set. Those modifier sets with this feature will display the right sidebar menu with the ordering elements “add/extra/no/lite/side.” This simple and intuitive user interface minimizes employee training, a particularly important benefit in the hospitality industry where employee turnover is high.

From improved accuracy to faster or speed of service and reduced training time, the added convenience of advanced conversational modifiers, alongside other features in this new update, will satisfy Parse Pay users and their customers.