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Point of Sale Software

With robust features that streamline orders and simplify payments, Parse Pay’s cloud-based point-of-sale system is designed to give you more control over your business and the customer experience.

Flexible, customizable software

Customize everything from items and categories to receipt content, order types, and much more. 

Cash drawer management

Manage multiple cash drawers and track all cash activities, from opening a drawer to running the end-of-day report.

Cash management functions

Perform non-sales related cash transactions such as paid-ins, paid-outs, cash drops, and tip/gratuity payouts.

Conversational ordering

Quickly input orders in the same manner the customer speaks (i.e. add/extra/no/etc.) with our intuitive conversational-style modifiers.

Line item and product notes

Add special notes to items for employees and include care instructions or targeted offers that show up on customers’ receipts.

Open/close tabs and save orders

Open and close tabs and save orders to allow your customers to pay for their transactions when they are ready.

Integrated payments

Speed through the checkout and accept cash, credit, checks, and gift cards as well as NFC and mobile payments.

Special discounts and offers

Create preset and automatic discounts to quickly apply discounts to categories or to specific items in the Register.

Capture customer details

Create customer profiles to add them to orders and track key points of customer data, such as order history, average spend, and more.

Sales reports (X & Z reports)

View and print a snapshot of the daily sales summary (X report) and previous end-of-day reports (Z report) from the Register.

Customer-facing display

Enable tipping, capture signatures, and offer receipt delivery options with a customer-facing display or flip terminal.

House accounts

Enable house accounts and defer orders toward an account’s outstanding balance for future payment.

Reporting & Analytics

Whether you’re looking for a high-level overview of sales or want to get into the nitty-gritty details, our cloud-based reporting provides you with the information you need lightning fast.

Real-time sales reports

Real-time sales summaries provide you with a summary overview (based on the date range) of sales by item, category, department, dining option, and employee.

Cloud-based reporting

All your data is stored safely in the cloud, so you can access your reports from wherever you are, at any time of day, and keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

End-of-day reports

View and export all end-of-day reports to compare daily performance metrics, such as cash management functions, payment types, and total sales.

Closed drawer reports

Access records of each cash drawer’s closed drawer report to confirm totals are correct and track the cash activity for each shift.

Department sales report

Create custom sales departments (e.g., Food, Liquor, and Merchandise) to view the sales for several categories (or specific items) at once.

Register X & Z reports

View/print a snapshot of the daily sales summary (X report) and previous end-of-day reports (Z report) directly from the Register.

Timecard tracking and payroll

View all employee clock-ins/outs and breaks taken with our timecard management function and access a payroll summary report with a breakdown of standard and overtime pay.

Discount tracking

The discount report breaks down every preset, automatic, and custom discount applied to each order, so you know exactly what was offered, how much, and when.

Auditing reports

Use auditing reports to keep tabs on transactional refunds, voids, and discounts to validate order adjustments and minimize potential losses.

Staff Management

Keep track of your employees, manage timecards and payroll, and view detailed sales performance on a per-employee basis.

Employee profiles

Include contact information, employee wages, permissions, and passwords in employee profiles.

Employee permissions

Assign specific permissions to staff members based on what level of access you want to grant them.

Employee sales performance

View employee sales data to see who’s performing best, including net sales, total tips, average sale, and total order count.

Built-in timecard management

Employees clock in and out at the Register. View and adjust individual timecards to ensure payroll is accurate.

Payroll management

Enter and adjust employee’s pay, view total hours worked and overtime, and track labor costs for simple payroll processing.

Onboarding, Training, & Support

Get up and running with Parse Pay in no time and with our team of account specialists, onboarding experts, and self-service resources.

Interactive webinars & live demos

Schedule a one-on-one live demonstration to learn more about the capabilities of the Parse Pay platform.

Phone support

Reach out to our customer support anytime. Parse Pay’s account specialists are available and ready to help.

Email & chat support

Shoot us an email at [email protected] and will respond with an answer to your questions.

One-on-one training

Our account specialists will train you on the system, help configure your account, and assist with setting up your menu.

Online knowledgebase

Visit our knowledgebase online at to access a self-serve library and answers to FAQs.

Parse Academy – video tutorials

We’ve put together an online video-training series, Parse Academy, to help train your staff on our system.